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Facts of the Day:
Date: 05/August/2002
From: Sumburgh
Via: Ulsta
To: Sumburgh
Miles: 177 (land) 5 (nautical)
Midges: 50 (Estimate)
Weather: Sunny and warm, some fog
Mood: Very good

Picture of the ferry to YellMy last full day on Shetland took me to the island of Yell, also the most northerly point of my tour. Having left Sumburgh in dense fog the weather improved the further north I drove. After a quick stop in Lerwick to upload the latest pages and pick up some cards I arrived in Toft, from where the ferry to Ulsta on Yell leaves.Picture of the Old Haa of BurravoePicture of the White Wife This ferry is very good value for money, especially compared to some of the other ferries I used: GBP 3:25 for car and driver per crossing. After the 20 minute crossing I drove up the East Road. I had hoped to visit the Old Haa of Burravoe, unfortunately it turned out that it is closed on Mondays. My next stop was the "White Wife" on the shore at Otterswick. It is the figurehead of the German barque "Bohus", which was shipwrecked here in 1924. The figurehead came ashore a few month after the ship sank and the people of East Yell erected it in memory of the accident, which cost four people their lives.Picture of Mid YellPicture of the Windhouse I continued to Mid Yell, where I took a short break. Close to Mid Yell is the ruin of the Windhouse, at the head of Whalefirth. According to the guide leaflet this is Shetland's most haunted house. Well, either Buffy visited already or the ghosts were busy otherwise. Or scared of the sun. At least I didn't see any ghosts whatsoever. Time to continue further north...

Picture of the bay at BreckonPicture of the beachIf you just look at it from the dunes behind it the Sands of Breckon don't look like much. But if you get down to the beach you'll find one of the best beaches on Shetland. I spent more than an hour here, just sitting on the beach, looking out over the water, writing a few postcards and walking along the beach. I even went into the water up to my knees, although I didn't last very long in the water. The water was quite cold, although other people were still going for a swim and stayed in the water for quite a while. I assume they were local and used to the temperatures...Picture of the dunesPicture of a few swimmers

Picture of Gloup VoePicture of the memorialMy last stop and also the most northerly point of my tour was at Gloup. The Gloup Memorial commemorates the 58 fishermen who lost their lives when a great storm struck the area on the night of the 21st of July 1881.

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