Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Facts of the Day:
Date: 22/August/2002
From: Melrose
Via: A7, M6, M5, A417
To: Swindon
Miles: 351
Midges: none
Weather: Sunshine and clouds
Mood: Sad it's all over

Picture of my laptop and mobile phoneAfter almost eight weeks it finally came to an end: After a last update from the road I drove back to Swindon. Originally I had planned to return on the Friday, but changed my plans to avoid the likely bank holiday traffic on the M6 and M5 ahead of the late August bank holiday.Picture of the A7 So I made my way along the A7 to Carlisle, somewhere on the way crossing the border to England (either there is no sign or it was well hidden, at least I didn't see one). Then it was down the M6 to Birmingham, not too much traffic until I approached Birmingham.Picture of the M6 near Birmingham Due to major roadworks traffic was congested in the area, slowing me down considerably. But that also passed and soon I was on the M5 to Gloucester. Almost home now, I thought. Well, it wasn't meant to be that quick: Roadworks (at least that what it looked like when I passed it) brought traffic on the A417 to a stop.Picture of the A417 But that also passed and finally I arrived back in Swindon.Picture of my car in front of my house I have covered approx 3500 miles in 53 days. The weather has been fine most of the time, only very few days were really bad. I took over 4000 pictures, of which about 500 I used in this travelogue. I met a lot of very nice people on my tour and hope I was able to entertain some of my readers (Comments are welcome). I received quite a few emails, sorry I was sometimes a bit slow to respond.Picture of the pile of mail And finally it was time to sort the mail which had arrived during my absence (yes, there were a few bills in there), do quite a bit of laundry and settle in at home again...

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