Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Picture of Armin having an ideaAfter the basic idea was sorted it was time to start thinking about the route for my tour. I had approximately 7 weeks to play with and a lot I wanted to see. Islay, the Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland and Aberdeen were high on the list. So I thought about bringing at least some direction and order into it. The decision was to travel "clockwise" around Scotland. Driving up from Swindon in England (that's where I currently live) I will begin my tour in southwest Scotland. May be a day or two in Dumfries and Galloway. From there to Glasgow for a quick visit before I make my way over to Argyll. I will spend several days on the Isle of Islay, probably with excursions to the Isle of Jura and possibly Colonsay. Returning to the mainland I plan follow the coast up to Oban and Fort William.

Big map of Scotland with the route drawn onto itPassing Glenfinnan I will probably make my way down through Moidart and Morvern to the Isle of Mull. From Mull I will probably make the excursion to Iona to visit the famous Iona Abbey. Turning north again I'll travel to the Isle of Skye via Mallaig. From Uig on the Isle of Skye I hope to catch a ferry to the Western Isles. I'm not sure yet how much time I'll spend on the Western Isles and which ones I'll visit. But it's quite likely that I'll visit Lewis and Harris to be able to take the ferry from Stornoway back to Ullapool on the mainland. Following the road up north I will make my way to Scrabster/Thurso. From here I'm planning to leave for Orkney and Shetland, where I intend to stay approximately two weeks altogether.

Returning from Shetland I will probably take the ferry to Aberdeen. Depending on how much time I have left I will explore the northeast before starting to return south with a few days in Edinburgh. From Edinburgh it will then be time to start thinking about returning home, probably passing through Melrose and Jedburgh...

Now it was time to start making some bookings...

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